Go Away And Leave ME Alone!!

I was dozing on the arm of the sofa when I heard Mommy turning on the camera. I kept my eyes closed, hoping she would go away...

When she came closer I leaped off the sofa and streaked to the back yard!

Mommy ran, but not fast enough...me circled where me is running down the stairs!

And here me is galloping behind the Licorice Memorial Cat Garden!

And here me is hiding in the junipers. Kozmo is my lookout!

The river is getting really high! Me thinks all that rain must have melted some snow!
Me don't see mommy, maybe I can sneak inside now...

Rats! She caought me!!!


  1. Nice day over there ! and I love your journey of you today, Penelope.
    And your mom is a good spy : ) Same as my mom..heh..heh


    PS : Love your last photo

  2. You did some very good running and hiding there. Good job you have a great lookout too. Hope the river doesn't get too high!!! :)xx

  3. You almost made it! The trick is to find a really small space that they (the humans) can't fit into!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. It's really hard to hide from that darn Flashy Beast. They are totally relentless, but you did a great job of trying.

  5. We know how you feel we seem to be forever dodging that flashy box too. Why pictures of us sleeping how boring for anyone looking at them - these humans have no idea!!
    You do have a lovely garden though maybe we can teleport over and see it one day.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. You almost had her beat this time, but you will win!

  7. Well, you tried your best! I found that if you cover your eyes, you become invisible!

  8. Oh Nellie! We've learned that there's no escape from that flashy box! At least you had a good run!!

  9. The humans are crazy with that flashy box! I run away too. You had a good run there though!

  10. that stinks - ME tries to run away from the mom lady person too - Billy

  11. You hid good in most places coz I barely saw you. We just have to let our Moms flash us.
    xoxo Kassey


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