Random Musings

It is STILL raining!
River is at high water
The river has gone up 3 steps! That's about a foot. They are saying there will be more rain tonight and there is a flood warning.
It's still not as high as it was 4 years ago though. We did not get any water then, so we are not too worried.
Me chilling
Its really cold. It did not get over 50 today. So me has been sleeping on my pillow in the office.
Kozmo wants out
Kozmo has been running around hollering all day cuz its raining and he can't go out.
When Mommy went out to take the picture of the river, he ran outside and ran around and around the yard!
Kozmo Checking the Peas
Here he is, checking on the peas. Me wants the rain to stop!!!
Oh yes! Me has a special picture. We is getting a new sisfur! She was born 4 days ago (May 23rd) And she has 2 brothers. Wh has not thought of a name yet...
But she won't be coming home for a while.
baby sister


  1. Wow, concstulations on your new sisfur! She and her brofurs are cute!

  2. Wees lub youse new baby sisfur..she is cute as a button!

    Keep dwy..hope da wain stops soon!

  3. A new little sister. how cool is that.
    I mean really
    How cool is that?


  4. Goodness, we hope you all stay safe. Our mom is trying to figure out a way to trade you weather. It's going to be a steamy weekend here and she says she's not ready for that!

  5. My paws are crossed that the rains stops and the river goes back down!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Sorry to hear about all that rain, Nellie. We hope you get some nice weather real soon.

    YOur new sisfur is CUTE! How exciting! :)

  7. Oh my dog, that's great news! A new puppy joining in will make everything more fun.

    It hasn't hit 50 for the last 2 days here either & I won't stop raining.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Hugs and safety wishes to u!!! :)

  9. Oh wowie, that is very exciting news!

    I hope the rain stops and the sun comes out soon for you.

  10. ANOTHER WOOFIE!!!???? OMC!!! What is the world coming to? LOL!

    What kind of puppy? I am having trouble figuring it out. Hmmm...sort of look like St.Bernards...for a second they looked like Shelties but the faces don't look like Shelties. I can't stand the suspense!!

    We have been having a ton of rain too...also flooding in some areas and we were having very cool temps too!

    It is supposed to be near 90 though this Sun, Mon & Tues. I would rather have cool weather than the 90s!

  11. Lucky you, Penelope, a new sisfur! Don't be too nice at first, ya know, make sure she knows you're the boss! Sadie sayz to smack her in the nose a few times & she'll get it but the rest of us here think that's mean...I told ya Sadie's scary & kinda a bully....

    Any idea of what you'll name her?!

  12. Congrats on your new sisfur! She's so little and very cute!


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