Society of Feline Gardeners - Week #5

:: 3 Paw taps ::

Hi all, We don't have too many seeds popping out of the ground in our Licorice Memorial Garden yet, but me will go outside and show yous some of the rest of our garden.

I am going to show you the hanging basket first

Let's go to the front of the yard! There are pretty yellow flowers on the other side of the fence.

But Daddy put some stuff on the ones in our yard and they are dying.

But they are growning in with the tiger lilies! Mommy needs to weed the front beds!
Me thinks she is just lazy. But She says she is waiting for the dirt to come.
Daddy bought a big load of dirt, but it has not come yet!

And Me saved the best for last! IRISES! Me loves them almost as much as pansies!
Oh yes, me will show yous a Kozmo tummy shot!

He is kind of cute!
Now, go visit Jonesie and see the list of all the other feline gardeners.



  1. Very nice, Nellie. You are a good guide. The irises are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Those are lovely Irises Nellie. We have those same yellow flowers in our yard too just because Mom is so slack that she hasn't mowed the grass lately. But your yard is looking very nice. Take care.

  3. Nellie, what a lovely array of flowers and Kozmos. MOL. Love and kissies.

  4. Such BeeyouTeafull flower you have..and the grasses are so lush. Enjoy your gardening!
    BTW, Kozmo's tummy is too cute!

  5. Your garden is looking great...the grass is so green and pretty!

  6. You are a very good guide,,,
    we likez your Irisez dey are fury Pretty ^..^ We like Kozmos floofy tummy too ^..^
    Happy Gardening ~
    Purrz ~ Ana & Lorelei

  7. It's just wonderful when everything starts blooming. Of course, the quickest way to get colour is through pots -- that's what we do a lot.

    It's nice to see Nellie roaming free in the grass. And thanks for showing us your gorgeous irises. They are one of my fave flowers of all time.

    And scritches for Kozmo's cute tuxy belly! Domino thinks he's cute, but she already has a tuxy boyfriend -- named Milo who lives in England. Besides Domino is much, much older than Kozmo -- he could be her grandcat.

  8. Oooh, your irises are gorgeous!

  9. You are a furry good guide! Your flowers are beautiful. Kozmo is cute!

  10. Nellie, your garden is looking good...and so is Kozmo's tummy!

  11. Your irises are so gorgeous!!!! Nellie you did an awesome job showing us around your garden.



  12. Those irises are gorgeous and Kozmo really is cute!


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