Gardening Thursday on Wednesday

Because of all the travelling that has been happening, me has not writed about my garden for 3 weeks. AND Box day is gardening day, so me is writing a day early.
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we have had a horrible spring. Cold and rainy and summer has not been much better!
lower but still high
First here is the river. It is lower but it is still high!
Bleeding heart
Remember the little Bleeding Heart me wanted in the Licorice Memorial Garden? Its got really big!
Lavenders are blue
This is the Lavender! It was really little last year. Its not big yet, but it is bigger. Next the Licorice Memorial Garden.
The Licorice Memorial Garden
A ton of weeds got pulled today! Me is not sure they was all weeds though. We planted lots of things in there, but Mommy says all she pulled was weeds. She says it has been too cold for the plants to grow so she will get some bedding plants. Me will believe that when I see that!
Salad Bed
This is the Salad Bed. Daddy planted a differnt kind of radish. It grew and grew and grew while we was gone and the poor lettuce and the regular radishes could not get enough light. We pulled them out this morning. They was all tops and no radishes.
The garlic and the weeds like the cold wet weather. Mommy and Daddy planted the peas 3 times and they are still babies.
Daddy says after we weed tomorrow we will plant more peas (if it does not rain). Me will snoopervise!
More Rain
Oh no! More Rain!


  1. Join the club ! Cold and Rain but I'm in Winter !!!!
    But your garden still look cool ! I think nothing to worry , Just do nap..Best choice forever : )

  2. We have had a lot of rain here too lately. Mind you, we have had boiling hot days too. We are on our second lot of peas here and still not much joy. Our lettuces all grew and the bunnies nom nom'd most of them :)xx

  3. Love your garden! We have tried to grow lavender, but it never makes it. Lavender is my mom's favorite scent!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. I love your garden. It is really hard for me to post on your blog, as it keeps asking me to sign in over and over.

  5. Great garden! We have lots of weeds in our flower bed -- mama says they are from the seeds in the bird feeder.

  6. Why is it that the weeds can thrive in any conditions? We hope you get some sunshine soon!!!

  7. We finally gave up on peas. By the time we can get them in it is too hot for them and they die off. Our green beans do well though.

    Mom is doing a great job with your plants despite the weather challenges.

  8. we loves yer garden--but we din't see enny catnip! whassup wit dat?

    izzer more'n one kinda lavender? dat don't look much like whut our mommer useta grow--it was all spiky at th' top.

    an' we will GLADLY trade you somma our hot, sunshiny, dry days for just ONE good soaker. how do we go 'bout arrangin' dat?

  9. Your bleeding heart is so pretty and the lavender is getting to be a nice size. We loves the blooms on the lavender, so very pretty.

  10. The garden is looking good & at least you got a pretty rainbow. I think that rainbow was Licorice saying that she approved!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. your garden looks beautiful and OMG a rainbow!!!
    We planted a container garden on our balcony, come by and see ours tomorrow...our peas are taking off big time!! I heard they are supposed to grow up a fence or trellis or something.
    We' re not doing the box thing cause I couldn't get my act together and give poor Cody a box


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