Cat Racket Ball!

Not too much has been going on at our house. Its been too cold to go outside and Mommy worked all day yesterday because we are going in the big box that moves to our little house this week.
The brat has discovered that the bathtub is the perfect place to play with his balls! This is not cool! Me loves to sleep on the hot metal thing that blows warm air in the little warm room and the racket is keeping me awake!

He's even got the hairy slobbery sisters going! Sam is in the bedroom asking me to make him stop!

But, me thinks me will just go to sleep in the sun!

Love Nellie!

Mes Gots an Award!

We got this award from Eric and Flynn at
Thank you for thinking of us.
1. Link to the blog who gave the award - done that!

2. Say seven things about ourselves that might not be public knowledge
3. Pass this on to seven blogs we think are stylish.

So now me has to think of seven things about me (which is NOT difficult).

1. Me likes TUNA better than any other food.
2. Me likes heat. Yous can find me sitting on the hot metal things on the floor when they are blowing hot air.
3. Me is mean and cantankerous. Me likes things my way and lets yous know it if it isn't!
4. Me is fast! Me has caught humming birds! Me even brought one in the house once. Daddy took it back outside before me could play with it.
5, Me likes to scratch. Me scratches furniture (1 sofa down 1 more to go), me scratches my litter in great clouds all over the floor. Me scratches peoples when me gets mad (see #3).
6. One of my favorite pastimes is to watch out the window.
7. Me is an escape artist! Me can get out doors before people knows and me likes to sleep in the big box that moves in the summer because it gets so nice and hot (see #2)!

Here is Mommy's latest Cat Painting. This is Percy!

Cats and Bubblewrap!

Yous knows we has been moving and one of the bestest things about moving is BUBBLE WRAP and guess what?
Today is Bubble Wrap appreciation Day!
Bubble wrap is one of the bestest things that has ever happened for cats! There are lots of things we can do with it and yesterday, in honour of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, we did! When you leaves us cats and the hairy slobbery sisters at home, and after ten minutes, you will see total chaos inside your house with us cats being the mastermind of disarray.
Mommy and Daddy went out. We knew they was going to be gone for a while, because they put on their good clothes. In the morning, Mommy had been unpacking some boxes and she left one in the kitchen that was full of Bubble Wrap! We did not know that though until the brat Kozmo jumped off the kitchen table into the box and me and the hairy slobbery sisters heard the unmistakable sound of BUBBLE WRAP POPPING!
First, we knocked the box over to get Kozmo out and there were two big sheets of wrap. We’s pulled it out and then the fun started! First, we walked on it! Me loves the feel of those bubbles exploding under my toes! Then Kozmo did a flying Kamikaze leap off the kitchen counter onto me and we wrestled on to with the bubbles popping underneath us. This brought the hairy slobbery sisters, Bob and Sam into the fray. They was stepping and sliding on it.! We was running back and forth on it. Pretty soon, the big piece was just one big sad piece of plastic. They was laying on it and me began to rip and chew the bubbles on the edges. Then Bob grabbed it in her mouth and pulled the wrap into the living room, knocking over a little table and all the stuff on it fell on the floor.
Then Kozmo began to crawl underneath and hide behind it, but me could see him! Me jumped on top of him and the bubbles popped between us. Then our hairy slobbery sister Sam plunked herself down into the middle of it and rolled on her back on the bubble wrap, It was still half on top of the little table and all the stuff on the floor and the table fell onto its top with a crashing noise!
This startled us all and we went in the bedroom and hid. Me and Bob on the bed and Sam and Kozmo by the window. We stayed there for a while, but we did not hear anything else. After a while, me and Kozmo went back into the living room and Ripped it up! The we pouncing all over it. Then we bit it!
Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!
Finally, wes went to sleep on it. A little while latter, Mommy and Daddy came home! We was excited to see Mommy and Daddy and get our coming home treats, but all we got was put in the little warm room while Mommy and Daddy made the swearing sounds and cleaned up the house.
So, in honour of Bubble Wrap Day, me is giving yous a link to the Virtual Bubble Wrap site where yous can go and have some bubble wrap fun (just like we did)!

Kitty Litter

Kozmo is always hungary
Me have been finding the litter box very stinky lately. Me does not have to rearrange it as much as I used to, the brat Kozmo knows he is supposed to pee on one side and do his smellies on the other, but he goes – a lot. Mommy and Daddy have been cleaning it often, but usually at night before we goes to bed.
Fixing the litter box, plus the fact there is too much snow to dig in the garden has meant I need to scratch the litter box during the day, almost as much as when hissy old Licorice used it. This has caused many issues. Mommy and Daddy have been quite angry with me for the amount of litter that I have scratched onto the floor. Me hears a lot of “Nellie, Quit Scratching!” and “Nellie, Look at the mess you’ve made!” Mommy has even chased me out of the little warm room with the broom to sweep up the litter!
What happens when Kitty Litter gets wet
Just this morning, Daddy was in the little warm room where our litter box is, and he was in the big rainmaking bowl. The little room was nice and warm. There was steam. Me could not see me in the mirror and me thought me would fix the litter box. Me was scratching the litter and me admits that me was scratching very intensely. So intensely, me got litter all over the floor!
The floor in the little warm room can get wet, especially when me jumps up on the side of the tub and pulls back the curtain to see what Daddy was doing. Which me did, after me tidied up the litter box.
Daddy noticed me sitting where the curtain would stop the water from getting on me and he was talking really nice to me. Meanwhile, the water was splashing onto the litter in the floor. When Daddy finished and pulled back the curtain.
Watching Daddy clean up
The most common cat litter in use today is made from a natural clay, also known as “diatomaceous earth”, or sodium bentonite. It’s formed into pellets and then dried. The pellets absorb several times their dry weight in moisture. Sodium bentonite acts like an expandable cement, which is why these litters should not be flushed: they swell to 15 to 18 times their dry size and can be used as grouting, sealing and plugging materials.

The Birds!

Beautiful Me
It’s been really really quiet since we got home from Calgary. The trip was long and we all got tired. Me has been sleeping for 3 days to catch up on the sleep me lost when we was there. Today me was drowsing in the office window when me saw something.
Since we got back, wildlife in my area seems to be going berserk. First, it’s the deers, they have been walking though the yard and there is more of them than usual sauntering through the backyard at breakfast. Now it’s the crows.
At this time of the year, crows are generally a noisy bunch. But, yesterday, it got so loud, it felt like the house was being surrounded by a winged army. Me peeked out the window and it was easy to see that the trees in the front yard were full with them.
It was a little creepy – kind of like that scary movie the Birds.
Then me noticed a flash of black and saw the black cat that lives up the river dart under the truck when two humongusly large crows came out of tree, dive-bombing him. I've seen them taunting a cat, pulling its tail and then flying high enough the cats can't reach, then when it's not looking again, pecking at it and flying away, etc. Constant harassment. A trailer.And he ran across to where the Canoes are stacked. Me watched as he slid up onto the tire and in under the canoes. Me was worried. Everytime he moved, the birdies would swoop in. Me yelled as loud as I could!
Kozmo Talking to Me
Mommy told me to shut up, but me yelled louder. Finally Mommy came into the office and looked out the window. She saw all the birds and her mouth dropped open. She saw the back cat getting dive bombed and then she went to the kitchen and got a pot and a spoon. She opened the door and banged on the pot and sure enough, after a few minutes, the crows took flight and disappeared.
Me wonders if any of them was the ones who laughed at me last summer.

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day!
Every year, on January 21st Squirrels get a day! Why should squirrels get a special day? They do’nt do anything for peoples! They digs in the garden. They gets in the attic. They eats at the bird feeder in the backyard and keeps the birdies away. The is an all around nucince!
When my hairy slobbery sisters is outside, they drives poor Bob and Sam nuts. They runs across the lawn (or snow) and makes the girls chase them and just when Bob and Sam thinks they is going to catch one, they runs up a tree. Poor Sam has bonked her head on trees and on fences cbecause she was running so fast.
Me will chase squirrels in the summer (but me does not like snow). Me has only caught a squirrel once and me was so surprised, me lifted my foot before me bit him and he ran away. The next time me almost caught him, he tried to bite ME!
You've seen them high up in the trees and inside shrubs big and small. They lives on the busiest city streets and here, out in the country. They can swim and scale vertical walls. Their teeth and claws are sharp and can rend flesh easier than me eating tuna!
Squirrels have an agenda that you might not know about. Sure they look cute and harmless, seeming to live their lives eating nuts, playing in the trees, and chasing eachother across your front lawn. The fact is they have far bigger plans: Global domination and kittie enslavement.
They has chewed through the insulation on the wires and made the whole town’s power die! (The Squirrel who did it was fried). And at Christmas time, one of their terrorists, got fried in a transformer in Rock Creek, BC and took out all the telephones! Once one lived in my Mommy’s car and ate the back seat from the inside out!
Me wants a Cat Appreciation Day!
There are even Squirrel websites! Some of them thinks Cats are evil!
Me asked Mommy why there is no Cat appreciation day and she said its everyday at our house.

Climbing up in the World!

Me is getting tired of the little house. It has been so cold outside, my hairy slobbery sisters could not go for walks, so chasing me and Kozmo has been their idea of fun!
Me has not been naughty at all (except for the paint), until last night when the real estate people came over. Me does not like strangers very much, even though me had met Doug before me had not met Roz, his wife. Bob (of course) barked and barked, until she remembered that Doug threw her ball last time he visited. Then she kept bringing him her ball. Mommy and Daddy was talking to Doug and Roz. Me was on the sofa doing my Most Beautiful Cat in the Universe poses and NOBODY was watching. When the brat Kozmo jumped up on the counter they started talking about the cute kitten. This made me mad!
So me mmeerroowwed and screamed down the hall, wacking Bob as me passed her, making her bark and chase me! This (of course) made Sam do the same, and me screamed into the bedroom, jumping all over the bed and then me hit the wall above the headboard. Me pivoted and leaped a great leap over the dogs and tore back down the hall to the kitchen. Bob and Sam tripped over each other trying to turn and ran back. Me scooted between Daddy and Doug, leaped a great leap onto the counter right on top of Kozmo! Kozmo hissed, me hissed, and Kozmo climbed Mommy!
Me thought, “Oh, Oh, Me is going to get it now!” so me turned and ran back down the hall, with Bob and Sam right on my heels! Only this time me turned into the little bedroom that used to be Mommy’s office. On Friday, Mommy and Daddy hanged new curtains in the little bedroom and they looked like a great place to climb up and get away from my hairy slobbery sisters. Me jumped up high and dug my beautiful claws into the fabric, my back claws dug in, me retracted my front claws and moved further up and I climbed all the way up to the ceiling. There was nowhere else to go! My hairy slobbery sisters was barking at the bottom and Daddy, Doug, Roz and Mommy were standing in the door laughing!
Me on the counter
After a little while, Bob and Sam went away and me was stuck. Me yelled and yelled and yelled!
Finally Mommy came in and got me down. Me walked back into the living room with my queenly walk and jumped up on top of the counter and had a bath.

Kamikaze Kozmo!

Kozmo’s playtime frolics are more than energetic. His spectacular leaps, somersaults and twists rival those of the National Chinese Acrobat Team. So insane are some of his maneuvers, me questions his mental state. He seems borderline suicidal.
Kozmo Fueling up for his next LEAP!
When Daddy tosses a toy mouse across the room, he gallops as fast as he can over furniture, tables or any obstacle in his path – including our hairy slobbery sisters - that he is usually perched on some high place waiting for the flight of the mouse to end! Usually, he will add at least one full flip and a twist somewhere along the way ­ for no apparent reason other than to showcase his astounding gymnastic abilities and make me feel inadequate.
Then from his perch, he will Kamikaze dive onto the doomed  mousy. I describe the maneuver as Kamikaze because almost all cats land on their feet (like Me), Kozmo has no problems with landing on his head, back or whatever. So persistent is his pursuit of the mousy, he is completely willing to risk his anatomy!
And any and everything is a Kozmo toy! Bob’s tail, Sam’s toes, he chases everything – including me! Our little house has a big counter that is between the kitchen and the living room. Wes gets fed on this counter (so our hairy slobbery sisters don’t eat our food). When we first got to the little house Kozmo was a little scared. It was a new place for him. But it did not take him long to figure out how to sound like stampeding wildebeests as he ran down the hall from the bedroom. Which of the little warm rooms has the litter box (There are 2 little warm rooms in the little house), And he has figured out he can leap from the counter to the sofa-just like a flying kamikaze cat. Today he has flung himself from there onto me (on the sofa) 2 times. He has slipped and fell 2 times – once on Bob who was so scared she barked and once onto the floor!
Mommy and Daddy was cleaning today. And Kozmo was everywhere. When Daddy was using the drill to put in screws, Kozmo was there to catch the screws Daddy dropped. When Mommy was washing floors, he was there getting hair everywhere. He Is really learning how to be a good cat from hell.
Me sitting on the metal things that blow hot air
BUT he’s still not as good as me! Me was watching carefully. Mommy cleaned the kitchen, then she gots the can of paint out to fix where she fixed all the holes in the wall. Daddy shook the can really good. And he had paper towel over the lid when he fixed all the spots in the bedroom and the room that used to be Mommy’s office. When he was done, he put the lid back on. But me knew when Mommy used it, she would not! She took off the lid so she could paint the spots in the kitchen and the hall and she left the lid, sticky side up, on the counter. Me needed to regain my crown as the cat from hell. Me does NOT like wet toes, but me knew that if me gots my feet all painty and got Penleope prints on the counter and the kitchen floor, me would get it back. Me. Walked across the lid, then me walked across the counter, from the sink to where it is close by the door, then me jumped on the floor and walked back across the floor. Me made sure my feets as dry, before me got to the carpet, then me went in to the bedroom and went under the bed to clean my feet.
Daddy saw the paint cat footprint first and he yelled and made the swearing sounds. Mommy went in the kitchen and made the swearing sounds too. Me laughed. 


Cold Makes Me Hungry
When we finally arrived at our little house, me had calmed down considerably. Unfortunately, it had snowed and snowed here too and there was still snow on our front lawn, and that was enough to catapult me back into hysteria. How was me going to cope with the brat in the little house?
Mommy opened the door of the big box that moves and Kozmo leaped a great leap over Mommy and out the door. The brat, Kozmo had never experienced snow except through the window, because when we let him out of the big box that moves, he walked around normally for about seven seconds, and then he noticed the snow and his feeble little mind short-circuited. 
The Stairs
At first, the brat was excited about the snow. He started prancing around the yard like he was the star of a one-cat parade - the prancing turned to leaping and the leaping turned to running chaotically in stupid little circles. Then he just stopped and stared at the ground.  There was a visible shift in his demeanor as he realized that he didn't understand snow and it was everywhere and he should probably be scared of it. And it was cold! Very cold! He had never been that cold before. Daddy picked him up and brought him into the little house. 
They put us inside and me immediately went to the little warm room where the litter box is. The brat Kozmo was boinging around on his little springy legs. Mommy and Daddy brought in our hairy slobbery sisters and the suitcase.
When they opened the door, me thought it would be time for me to explore the rest of the building, so me waited until they opened the door again and ran between Mommy’s legs and out the door. Mommy dropped the box she was carrying, made the swearing noises and came after me. The big front door to the building was open so cold air was blowing in, me did not want to see the snow again (except through the window) and me ran up the stairs. There are lots of stairs. Me could hear Mommy lumbering after me. Me thought this would be a good time to play the “Almost Catch Me” game. In this game, I let Mommy (or Daddy) just catch me and then me nimbly dances away and then speeds to the next almost catch spot.

Me in Time Out
 Me waited at the top of the stairs, Mommy’s face was red, as soon as Mommy got to the top of the stairs, me scooted up the next set of 32 steps. And waited at the top looking down at Mommy. Mommy was having trouble with this set of steps…she was slowing down , breathing hard and her face was turning purple. Me was watching Mommy and she was making such a loud gasping noise, me did not hear the door behind me open. Me was watching Mommy intently, her face came level with the top of the steps when me felt me being picked up!
What had happened? Me squirmed and squirmed and the person who grabbed me just about dropped me. But they was too strong. They had on gloves so me could not bite and they had on a leather coat, so me could not scatch! Then they passed me to Mommy! Mommy thanked them and then walked back down the stairs. Me knew me was going to be in time out for a LONG LONG time!

Writer's Block

Mommy says me has had writers block. That means me has not been writing as much as usual, and me has not been getting in trouble either!  There are lots of reasons: fear, anxiety, a life change…almost anything can give me that particular feeling of fear and frustration, but mostly is the brat Kozmo. He is distracting to say the least.

Cat in a Box
First thing this morning, me thought me should have a writing schedule. Me would sit down and write at the same time every day. Me went into the office and sat and stared at the iPad. Then the brat popped out of a tiny box he had been sleeping in! It was a little tiny box! How did he get in there and how did he sleep? Me thought me should write about that, but how exciting can that be?
Mommy says writing a story is like building a wall with bricks. You just put one word down after the other, but words is nothing like bricks…And me has never built a wall…humans can be so confusing.

Hmmm, my toes smell...
So, me thought maybe me should make my writing like a real job. Me thought me would sit at the iPad and, well, just write. But my mind was a blank. My back started to itch, me licked it and then me had a whole bath! Me even did extra cleaning on my toes. The litter box has not been the same since Kozmo came. My toes smells funny.
Plus my mind wanders. Me thinks its cuz me is starving. The brat eats everything that Daddy puts down for me and him and Kozmo even eats out of our hairy slobbery sisters bowls (if they would let him!) This afternoon, Daddy was eating Celery and Cheeze whiz. Me loves Cheeze Whiz! Daddy was letting me lick some and the brat Kozmo butted his head in and started chomping! He even ate some of the celery!
When Daddy put our Tuna tonight, he stuck his head in our dish and did not come up for air until he eated more than half! Luckily Mommy saw and gave me some tuna in the little warm room where my litter box is, so I would not faint away.

What is HE doing?
Me is very, very tired too. The brat Kozmo is such a pain at night. He bounces around on his little springy legs. He chases the bed mice, he chases toes, he chases hands, he chases me! Then he bounces off the bed onto  our hairy slobbery sisters and gets them all wound up so they chases him round and round. And he does it every couple of hours! Last night me growled and went and slept under the pillows in the office.
Now,  here I am, sitting on the sofa with the iPad and the brat is bugging me. He is kind of fun to watch as he barrels through the crinkly tube!

Does he have my mousie?
Well, me has to go get some sleep. We are going to the little house in the big box that moves the day after tomorrow…Me can’t wait to see how he handles that

Paper Bag Mice

Paper Bag Mice
This is a true story that Hissy Old Licorice told me. Inside paper bags live bag mice. Bag mice are very small and they are camouflaged to be the same color as the bag, so they are hard to see. But us cats can easily hear the crinkling noises they make as they scurry around the bag. All paper bags has them. And me and Licorice loves to chase bag mice.
Daddy put out a paper bag the other day. He put it in the hallway and it sat there. Me knew there was bag mice in it, but Kozmo didn’t. The bag sat there for one day. And then it sat there for two days. Me could not stand it anymore, so me jumped inside. It was nice and dark inside the bag. And the bag crinkled, but me could not see the bag mice, me could only here their little crinkle sounds. Me was patting the sides of the bag to catch the mice inside the bag When ...
Me just about jumped out of my skin me was so scared!
 The bag, with me in it falled over and was laying on its side. Me took a deep breath and started to pull myself upright when it happened again!
Are You in There?
This time a weight was on top of me!! Me howled! Some creature was attaching the bag and me was inside of it! Me squirmed and yowled! But Bang! Bang! Bang!
I was being attacked!
Me could not find the top of the bag to get out! Me punched and yelled!
But Bang! Bang! Bang!
Finally, the banging stopped and the weight stopped moving. Me caught me breath and yowled a great yowl! Me extended my beautiful claws as far as they would go and me shredded the bag!!!!
Yous can come out now!
Me heard a mew. Me stopped shredding. The brat had considered me fair game for a sneak attack! Me escaped the bag!
This resulted in a great chasing and yelling through the house. Until Mommy!
Mommy grabbed the brat as he went screaming past her! Me was going so fast, me could not stop! And me ran into Mommy. Mommy dropped the brat on my head! Me hissed and yowled and the Mommy grabbed the brat and put him in the little warm room where the litter box is and shut the door!
For once it was not ME getting the time out! Me will now look around before me goes bag mice hunting!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Yesterday, me was lying in a sun puddle on the bed. It was so nice and warm. Me was drowsing. Then me would stretch, roll over and bake another part of me. It felt so good….me was purring….
Then me heard the brat Kozmo squeaky noises! Then me heard banging in the little warm room. Then me heard Kozmo hisses! What was the brat doing? Had he found another mousie? He sounded so angry me had to go look!
Me stealth mode sneaked off the bed, slinked under the dresser. Me waited there and listened….me heard him making little mews and hisses and he was hitting things! Me sneaked around the corner and hugged the floor and s l o w l y moved forward. A tooth brush came hurtling though the little room door and bounced on the floor! Me slid back a little. Then me heard more mewing and hissing!
Me ran quickly cross the floor to the other side of the door, so me could look inside and see what was happening! Just as I was sneaking cross the door, a hair brush came crashing to the floor and me jumped about 10 feet into the air!
The caterwauling was still coming from the counter and me could not see what had Kozmo so excited, so me stealthed into the little room, across the floor to the funny chair peoples sits on. Me sneaked up onto the chair and my eyes were level with the top of the counter.
When me was younger, we lived in a house that had sliding doors in the bedroom that was mirrors. Me used to play fight with the cat in the mirror until me figured out the beautiful cat that I could not reach because there was hard between us was me! Then me used to come in and look at beautiful me or when me was bored, me would fight with me.
Then we moved. We did not have mirror doors any more. But often, the little warm rooms would have mirrors. Me could sit up by the little pool that people brushes their teeths in and look at beautiful me!
There was the brat fighting with him! He was funny to watch. He was jumping on the little springy legs he has and his hair was all stuck out all over! His eyes was huge and his lips was pulled back across his pointy little teeth. He landed on his feets and he crab walked across the counter and fell into the pool. The pool had no water in it! (Good thing too, me does not know what he will do when he has his first bath!) The mirror Kozmo disappeared! Then Kozmo got out of the pool and me could see the mirror Kozmo! Kozmo ran over and hit the hard wall, so did the mirror Kozmo and their paws touched at the same place! It was fun watching the twp Kozmos! He was getting louder and louder! He was running into all the things on the counter, knocking them over and more things were falling on the floor! He made so much noise, my hairy slobber sisters heard and Bob started to bark, then Sam started to bark. Then Bob came into the little warm room barking. Me jumped back and hissed and puffed up big! She stood up and put her paws on the counter barking and barking!
Kozmo was terrified. He scooted back and tried to hide behind the jar of shells. He squished in behind and the jar moved, then it fell off the counter, fell on the floor and made a big smashing crashing!
We all went running as far away from the little warm room as fast as we could! Me ran into my special hiding place streaking past Daddy as he came to look see. Well my hairy slobbery sisters and me ran, Kozmo did not. He was just sitting on the counter shaking.

How to Cat Fish!

Mommy has gone away until the weekend! This has caused great upset at home. Last night something was missing. We was all laying around and feeling out of sorts. My hairy slobbery sisters did not eat their dinner.  That is until Kozmo started to eat theirs. Then they figured they better eats it up before he did.
Cat Fish On!!
The brat Kozmo was excited all afternoon! Yesterday, he had found all the plants in the front bay window and he has been playing great jungle cat peeking out between the leaves. He was trying to eat them and Daddy was worried that some of them might make him sick. . Later, Daddy gots out a stick and started Cat Fishing. He put a jingly ball on the end of the line, then he throwed the ball out and pulled it slowly back. He was peeking and watching the ball slowly move and he leaped out and caught it! Daddy caught and released Kozmo lots of times. Me watched and him and Daddy played until he was all tired out and then we went to bed. We slept hard.
Yous all knows that Mommy gets up at 5:30 in the morning and so do we. Mommy was not home, so we gots Daddy up! He took the hairy slobbery sisters for a walk, he put new tuna in our dish. , then he came in and had coffee.
Cat Fish Gear
After coffee, he went and found a old ice fishing rod. He tied a catnip mousie l to the end of the line and then he cast it out! Me remembered playing this game!
Daddy Catches a 7 lb Cat Fish!
Me loves this game! Me chased and chased the mouse. Kozmo was not too sure, but me thinks he is still tired from playing so much last night. That’s OK, me did not want to play with him anyway! In the afternoon, Daddy cat fished more. Kozmo and Me took turns. Me is really tired, me thinks me will go to bed.

Mommy's Latest Commission - The Wilson's Dog

Computer + Cat + Static = Oh Oh!

The Hairy Slobbery Sisters (Bob & Sam)
Daddy’s laptop died. My hairy slobbery sisters were chasing me because me wacked them for laughing at me. Bob’s big hairy tail knocked Daddy’s laptop on the thing where the power goes in. Then Daddy’s laptop got really hot. He turned it off and when he turned it on the morning it did not want to work.
Daddy gots Mommy’s iPad-the one me uses to write my blog, and he looked up how to take his computer apart. He read and he looked at the pictures and then he started to take his computer apart. Now this is kind of interesting. Me and the brat Kozmo was watching really closely. Daddy would hold his mouth just right and then he would unscrew the tiny screw and he put it in a glass. Then he looked at the iPad and unscrewed the next screw and put it in the glass too. He wanted to take out the little thing that the power cord plugs into and he had to take the Monitor off cuz the part for the power is in the hinge where the top fits to the bottom.
Laptop on the Coffee Table
He gots all the screws out and got the top off and he took it to the computer store. They said they did not have the part but they would find the part and they would email us where to get it. Daddy was in a quandary. He needs the laptop tomorrow! So he bought a nice new one.
He came home and he and Mommy talked and they decided to take out the hard disk and put it in this gizmo Mommy has that attaches to the USB port and then his Hard Drive would work and then see if they could get all Daddy’s work and information off it and put it on his new computer.
Daddy set to work with his screw driver again, and this time he took whole bunches out of the bottom of his old laptop. Finally he gots to the hard drive! Me wanted to see. Me went into stealth mode and stealthed across the sofa across to the coffee table. Me sneaked along the coffee table to where Daddy was taking the hard disk out of the laptop. Me is a walking static generator. Just as Daddy gots it out, me touched it and made a spark!
Me Touched It!!
Whoa! Daddy was a little angry, me gots put into the little warm room where my litter box is. The hot metal thing in the floor was blowing hot air. Me was happy!
Daddy was not. His hard drive was fried and now he has to gets all his friends email addresses, he losted all his user names passwords , he will have a very busy day tomorrow!

Rubber Cement

It is New Years Day. Daddy was watching football. My hairy slobbery sisters kept wanting to go outside and then wanted to come right back in again because it was so cold. The brat Kozmo was attacking everything that moved and Mommy thought she would do some crafty things. This is fun to watch. Mommy was making a paper eagle. She was thinking about doing a eagle for her next totem painting and sometimes she makes models so she can figure out where all the little things she draws inside will go.
This is fascinating. First Mommy cut all these little pieces out of paper. Every time the back door opened, the little pieces of paper would flutter, so me was watching intently. A couple of times, me batted the papers, but Mommy was watching pretty carefully and me did not want to get into trouble.
Then we heard the noise! It was a horrible coughing choking sound and it was Kozmo! The brat had eaten something and he was throwing up all over the carpet! Me went and looked and there was piles of the cat tuna and crunchies he’d eaten! Mommy would be busy for a while cleaning that up, so me thought me could get a good look at the little pieces of paper. Me jumped up on the dining room table and walked over to where Mommy had all her stuff. There were scissors and there was a craft knife and there was paper and there was the little bits that mommy had cut out, and there was the bird she had started to make and there was a little bottle. Me likes bottles, so me sticked my paw into to it to see if there is something in it. There was! 
It was sticky and yucky. Me put my paw down and it felt worse. Then me shook my paw and it did not come off! Me was getting a little upset now! Me ran across the table and the paper stuck to my paw!. Me sat down and me tried to pull the paper off with my teeth.
Me did not notice that the stuff that was pouring out of the bottle was getting on my tail! Me could NOT get the paper off my paw! The sticky stuff tasted awful, me started to growl and lash my tail and the paper bird STUCK TO MY TAIL! This was scary, Me leaped one of my great leaps into the air and ran into the living room. All the dog hair was sticking to my paw, The papers were still stuck. My hairy slobbery sisters thought this was a game so they chased me and me tore around the house two times before me leaped on the rolly ball scratchy pad and the catnip that was in there stuck to me too! Daddy started to laugh.
Mommy came into the living room carrying all the paper towels from cleaning up the brat’s mess and she started to laugh. Me hates it when they laughs at me, so me ran behind the TV. Daddy came after me and grabbed me and took me into the little warm room where my litter box is and closed the door. Me was really upset. Me walked back and forth and yelled and tried to tell Mommy and Daddy that the litter was sticking to me too! I had the sticky stuff on my paw and my back toes, it was on the back of my leg and it was on my tail! And now I had paper and dog fur and catnip and LITTER stuck to me too.


Daddy came in and he had on the welding gloves. Me bit and clawed like the wild cat me is. He wrapped me in a towel and I could NOT move! Me hissed and bit and bit and hissed but me could not get loose. Mommy started to clean the sticky stuff off and made the swearing noises when me bit her a couple of times. She used little tiny scissors to cut the fur between my toes and on my paw. I got a scratch or two in. Finally she gots out the thing she takes the hair off her legs with when she is in the water in the bathtub and she scraped some of the fur off my tail! My poor beautiful tail! Finally they let me go. Me went to my special hiding spot and stayed there and washed and washed and washed until dinner. When me came out, my hairy slobbery sisters laughed at me! The brat just looked confused at my hairless tail.

What happened to you!

Mommy had cleaned up the mess me made. All her papers and the eagle were in the garbage and Mommy said she had to buy more rubber cement before she could make another bird.