Where I hide Sometimes!

Humming Bird

First, here is a picture of one of the hummingbirds that come to the feeder right by where our cat tree is in the door that is a window. Me caught a hummingbird last summer.

Daddy saw me and he shot me with the super soaker. Me let the birdie go! Me just watches them now.

Hiding behind the Nip

And here is me hiding behind the new catnip plant. It is heavenly. We has had several leaves to play with.

Mommy has put it outside - somewhere

Me has not wanted to go outside, it has been rainy and me hates wet!!!

Hiding spot

Finally, here is where me goes to get away. It is way up on the shelves, with the towels, behing the paper in the little warm room.

Me thought it was a great place to keep away from Kozmo, but when me jumped up to have a nap after breakfast, he was sleeping there.

We had a rumble. And all the paper got knocked on the floor and so did almost all the towels.

Man Cat Monday - May 30

Bored! Bored! Bored! Mommy and Daddy have been at the Farm Markets 3 times the week and it seems like when they are home, its raining.
The Old Rolly BallI play with the old rolly ball...
Is Nellie in the crinky tube?Then, I check to see if Nellie is in the crinkly tube...
Maybe there is a mouse behind the sofaMaybe there is a mouse behind the sofa....
Glorious smellWait! Mommy and Daddy are home! What is that glorious smell?
What is this
It smells wonderful! Like my nip Banana! Mommy says her friend AnnMarie at the farm market gave it to us!!!

Maybe the market is not so bad after all!!! Nom! Nom! Nom!!

They took my page away!

Warning Cat Foul Language!!!!

Me is depressed!

Blogger turns into a poopy head and makes me use my WordPress or my Name/URL to leave messages to my friends and then - ON MY BIRTHDAY! - Facbook diabled me.

Me knows me got some very nice messages. after all, me is a very nice cat. If yous sent me a message, me is NOT ignoring yous. Me couldn't. So send me nice wishes again!!

Me only gots the FBpage because Mommy took hers down. Now, we has to get a new one. Me hopes all my Cat Friends can find mes.

So, click here and Friends me and Mommy and Kozmo AGAIN!! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100002427651800

We is trying to gets a friendly URL, but wes having troubles with that too!

Do yous thinks that Mice has gots into the internet and is chewing up Blogger and Facebook?

PS. For those whose asked. Yes, our River is high, it is still not as high as we have seen it. But it has way more water than it has for years! Over 4000 feet elevation had snow last night. This is good as it is cool right now and that means the water will get into the river slower. None of us is allowed outside unless Mommy or Daddy is there because the river is soooo high. My hairy slobbery sister Sam wrote a post about Dogs and cats and Water today, Click here. And She Even wrote a 10 Tips for Dogs and Water!!! Kozmo is pretty upset cuz he can't go outside and he walks around and yells. Me has smacked him a few times.

Random Musings

It is STILL raining!
River is at high water
The river has gone up 3 steps! That's about a foot. They are saying there will be more rain tonight and there is a flood warning.
It's still not as high as it was 4 years ago though. We did not get any water then, so we are not too worried.
Me chilling
Its really cold. It did not get over 50 today. So me has been sleeping on my pillow in the office.
Kozmo wants out
Kozmo has been running around hollering all day cuz its raining and he can't go out.
When Mommy went out to take the picture of the river, he ran outside and ran around and around the yard!
Kozmo Checking the Peas
Here he is, checking on the peas. Me wants the rain to stop!!!
Oh yes! Me has a special picture. We is getting a new sisfur! She was born 4 days ago (May 23rd) And she has 2 brothers. Wh has not thought of a name yet...
But she won't be coming home for a while.
baby sister

Society of Feline Gardeners May 26th

:: 3 Paw Taps ::
Good Day! It has been freezing cold
(Nellie, its been around 60, that's NOT cold)
Shut up Mommy!
Its been freezing cold around here.
Nellie on Sofa
And I am NOT getting up off the sofa to show the Licorice Memorial Garden!
Mommy - You will have to do it, or get Kozmo.
Koz in the bird netting
Oh, alright, Kozmo! Where are you! There you are! What are you doing in the bird netting? Its there to keep the Jay out of the peas! You've got it wadded up!
Nellie won't come outside I'm going to show everybody the Licorice Memorial Garden.
Licorice Memorial Garden
Everything is starting to grow. All we need now is some sunshine and some heat. I'm a little worried that Nellie has planted too much stuff, but I guess we will see later in the summer.
Top View of The LMG
Here is a top view of the garden.
Bird House
Kozmo, I thought you were going to help me show the garden, where are you?
Oh you are on the steps down to the river. The gate is beside the Pirate Bird House.
River Steps
Yes, the water is getting high. I'm not sure you should be playing on the steps. Only 3 more and it will get to the high water mark!
Come on Kozmo, lets go make your lunch.
Now you can go see all the other cat Gardeners!
Click on the button and go to Jonesies where the blog hop begins!
Signing off - Mommy for Nellie

Victoria Day

Today Mommy usually gets up, lets the hairy slobbery sisters and the brat Kozmo outside, makes coffee and goes to work. That did not happen.
Queen Victoria and her favorite Dog

Today was Victoria Day in Canada. We celebrates the birthday of a Queen who was the Great Grandmother of Queen Elizabeth.

I think it is cool that Queens like animals! And that Queen Elizabeth Does not mind pictures of her in her gum rubber boots!

This morning, Mommy and Daddy and the hairy slobbery sisters got up and went to Spokane to get the tires on the little box that moves, changed. They left me and Kozmo home - ALONE!

What did we do? Me and Kozmo is not telling, but me is not hissing at him as much since Mommy Daddy and the Hairy Slobbery sisters got home.

Wendy did a LOL on Kozmo on Sunday, but since Mopmmy took the iPad with her to play Angry Birds in the little box that moves, me could not blog yous about it!

Click the picture to go see all the other cats Wendy LOLed!

Man Cat Monday #10

Guess what Daddy brought home! A Banana for ME!!!

Here are my Bunny Kicks!

Watch me do my flips and bites!

Die Banana Die!

Here is the over my head roll over!

And here I am kicking the banana senseless

And here I am, dead asleep!

I be sleeping...

Nellie Belle - where are you!" Me hears my Daddy call!
Me hears him in the living room
Me is not asleep on the sofa. Daddy calls again. "Nellie Belle!"
He say, "Hmmm, she's not in the corner either. Kozmo, is she in the crinkly tube?"
Nope, me is not in the tube! Me hears them go outside...
Me is not under the swing, in Mr D's Garden, our garden or the Licorice Memorial Garden.
Me's not in the backyard. "Koz, go check the Junipers", says Daddy.
Nope, me is not there either! "Nellie Belle! Where are you!"
Me is right in front of yous Daddy. Me is in the Cube right under your feets!

Society of Feline Gardeners - Week #5

:: 3 Paw taps ::

Hi all, We don't have too many seeds popping out of the ground in our Licorice Memorial Garden yet, but me will go outside and show yous some of the rest of our garden.

I am going to show you the hanging basket first

Let's go to the front of the yard! There are pretty yellow flowers on the other side of the fence.

But Daddy put some stuff on the ones in our yard and they are dying.

But they are growning in with the tiger lilies! Mommy needs to weed the front beds!
Me thinks she is just lazy. But She says she is waiting for the dirt to come.
Daddy bought a big load of dirt, but it has not come yet!

And Me saved the best for last! IRISES! Me loves them almost as much as pansies!
Oh yes, me will show yous a Kozmo tummy shot!

He is kind of cute!
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